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"News Of The World Mk. 2: Songs For Scootering"
mod/power pop/soul/retro compilation CD is sold here!

NOW AVAILABLE (all prices include postage):

News Of The World 2 CD

"News Of The World Mk. 2: Songs For Scootering" - Various Artists CD
The second installment in our Mod/Soul/Power Pop/Retro/Punk compilation series.


1.) Noise A Noise - “Get On With It” (U.S.)
2.) Yeh-Yeh - “Mr. Jones” (U.K.)
3.) Go Generation - “Trevor” (U.S.)
4.) Boss Martians - “I Wanna Be Your Addiction” (U.S.)
5.) The Risk - “I’m With The Band” (U.K.)
6.) Lisa Mychols - “Living Doll” (U.S.)
7.) The Itch - “Kiss You” (U.K.)
8.) HeadQuarters - “Good Thing (Gone Wrong)” (U.S.)
9.) The Eddies - “Queen Of Hearts” (U.S.)
10.) The Urges - “(Around &) Around Again” (Ireland)
11.) The Smashcasters - “24/7 Breakdown” (U.S.)
12.) Freebooting Profiteers - “The Miner” (U.K.)
13.) Thee Jenerators - “French Disco” (U.K.)
14.) The Sharpshooters - “SMTC” (U.S.)
15.) The Ambitions - “Look At Me” (U.S.)
16.) Seaside Riot - “Get It Together” (U.S.)
17.) Grasp - “Time To Go” (U.K.)
18.) MegaSuperUltra - “Once I’m All The Rage” (U.S.)
19.) Mod Fun - “Leaving Here” (U.S.)
20.) The Keepers - “Money” (U.K.)
21.) The Points - “Never Gonna Trust My Heart With You” (U.S.)
22.) Maninblack - “Straight Out Of Babylon” (U.S.)
$10 ppd

News Of The World CD

"News Of The World" - Various Artists CD
An international Mod/Soul/Power Pop/Retro Rock 'N' Roll compilation.


1) The Insomniacs - “That’s Alright” (NJ)
2) Rip Dizzy - “New Girlfriend” (VA)
3) Durango 95 - “Fake And Pretentious” (CA)
4) The Forty Fives - “More Than Ever” (GA)
5) The Masticators - “Radio Police” (CA)
6) The Datsons - “Thief In The Night” (Canada)
7) The Odd Numbers - “Almost Happy” (CA)
8) The Inciters - “Me, Myself & I” (CA)
9) The Hotwires - “Big City” (U.K.)
10) The Waking Hours - “Keep It Real” (CA)
11) The Now Time Delegation -“Stand And Deliver” (TX)
$10 ppd

Sound And Fury! 7

"Sound And Fury!" - Various Artists 7" EP
A sampling of the best old school Punk bands in
central Virginia featuring The Halfways, Ultra Bait,
The Counselors,
&The Elderly. This thing kicks total
ass and not just because we're the ones releasing it! $4 ppd

If/Then CD

If/Then - "The Redemption EP" CD
5-song CD from Richmond, VA.'s
neo-New Wave/Synth-Pop legends. $7 ppd

Bella Morte

Bella Morte - "The Death Rock EP" 7"
Listen to the results when recording artists
Bella Morte go back to the roots of Death Rock
music with their first appearance on vinyl. Great Batcave-era
Goth-meets-The Misfits sound.


Reds Strike The Blues CD

"Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins" - Various Artists CD
An international covers compilation dedicated to the classic U.K. Punk/Soul band.


1) Chris Dean - “Intro”
2) The Yell Leaders meet The Grooveblaster - “The Power Is Yours” (U.S.A.)
3) The Arc Welders - “Kick Over The Statues” (U.S.A.)
4) Rinaldi Sings - “Hold On” (U.K.)
5) The Che Men (featuring Norman Strike) - “Keep On Keepin' On” (U.K.)
6) Ned Ludd - “Names Where Named” (Italy)
7) Negu Gorriak - “Unionize” (Basque Country)
8) The Old Bailey - “You Want It? They've Got It!” (U.S.A.)
9) Maninblack - “Take No Heroes” (U.S.A.)
10) Eric Blowtorch & The Forces Of Victory - “Don't Talk To Me About Whether” (U.S.A.)
11) The Yell Leaders - “It Can Be Done” (U.S.A.)
12) Peasant Army - “Peasant Army” (U.S.A.)
13) Red Square with André Schlesinger - “Lev Bronstein” (U.K./U.S.A.)
14) The Inciters - “Lean On Me” (U.S.A.)
15) The Smashcasters - “The Crack” (U.S.A.)
16) Maninblack - “Bring It Down” (U.S.A.)
17) Redskins meet The Grooveblaster - “A Plateful Of Hateful” (U.K./U.S.A.)
18) The Three Johns - “Reds Strike The Blues” (U.K.)
$10 ppd

The Halfways 7

The Halfways - "(She's A) Heart Attack" 7" EP
Punk Rock 'N' Roll to the max. Four hard-ass tunes featuring
a guest appearance by Matt of The Candy Snatchers.
Produced by ex-Devil Dog Steve Baise. $4 ppd


The Smashcasters full-length CD
Street Punk/Hard Mod Rock 'N' Roll from Virginia




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