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Howitzer Records Order Form
Email us for our current address. You can print out this order form and send it along with your proper payment.


PRICE         ITEM & DESCRIPTION                                                       QTY.     SUBTOTAL


Payment Type :

All items postpaid in the U.S.A.
International orders add $2 per item for shipping,

Ship this order to: (Name, Address, Zip code, Email, etc.)

For PAYPAL payments:

1.) click on the PayPal link above

2.) login at PayPal

3.) go to the "Send Money" option

4.) direct your payment to our PayPal user email address:

5.) tell us what items you'd like & how many

For mail orders, send check or money order (in US funds) made payable to
"cash" or very well hidden cash (in U.S. dollars) only. International orders add
$2 per item for shipping. All listed prices include postage within the U.S.A.
Be sure to include an email address and/or phone # in case we have any
questions about your order.


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